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Taxation and accountancy in Washington

At Andrew W Hunt & Co. Chartered Accountants, we support our clients with their business activities including bookkeeping, tax filing, payroll processing and more.
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About Andrew W Hunt & Co. Chartered Accountants

Andrew W Hunt & Co. Chartered Accountants was found by Andrew Hunt in 1994. Andrew, who is trained from KPMG, worked with a leading firm in the city of London. Before he founded his own firm, he was a partner in two regional firms in the North East. 

"We predominantly act for small businesses in the North East of England, providing a tailored service to meet individual client needs. Some of our clients are entrepreneurs in national markets, some operate successfully in international markets, others are happy to conduct their business locally, the common thread is working together to enable you to run your business in the manner best suited to you."
Andrew Hunt

We help minimise your taxes 

With a team of fully qualified chartered accountants and accounting technicians, we can deal with VAT and all your tax issues. We provide professional assistance in processing all your business transactions. You will be able to run your business smoothly on your own terms and conditions. 
Tax advice

Our services include:

  • Resolving tax issues
  • Preparing and reviewing management accounts  
  • Contributing to business decisions  
  • Producing and monitoring business plans
  • Bookkeeping and process transactions

Tailored services at competitive prices

If you wish to speak to Andrew Hunt, you can call him directly. We pride ourselves on being accessible and easily approachable. We mainly focus on small businesses and offer our services at competitive prices. We also assist you with your government tax filing requirements. Contact us for details. 
Governments filing requirements
For an initial discussion, call us on 
0191 416 1137 
for our main office in Washington.

Also at Yarm:
01642 967 506
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